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Testimonials – Feedback From Our Happy Customers

David – Buangor, VIC

It’s been a challenge to find irrigation and sprinkler systems for our acreage on the side of a mountain in Western Vic. Our dam water is fed from two header tanks at around 30m above delivery points.

After exhausting the leading & expensive brand’s range, this morning I attached a brand new Wobble-Tee. It throws more than double the distance of every other sprinkler, and appears to have a more even spread too.

Thanks for such a good product, I’ll be recommending it to everyone I know. That it’s Australian owned/made is icing on the cake!

Thanks again and kind regards,


Braham – Sydney NSW

I have rain storage tanks that provide pressurized water via a submerged pump, low pressure only.

I have tested many watering solutions- mostly mains pressure drip feeds with modifications but most don’t work.

I purchased one of your Wobble-Tee sprinklers today and I am very impressed with the excellent coverage even on low pressures.

Many thanks for a great product.

Ali – Boggabri NSW
Hi guys,

Just wanted to write a quick note to say how much my partner and I love your Wobble-Tee sprinklers.

We had a bit of trouble getting the lawn going as it was so uneven and other sprinklers would just flood some of the low points and leave others all but dry. Since using your wobble-tee sprinklers we’ve had no issues and it is just like a natural shower of rain. Our lawn is just about perfect ready for our backyard wedding in February 2023. Thanks so much; hope your team have a happy Christmas and all the best for the new year.

Micheal  – Brisbane QLD
I received a Clever Drop in the mail today and tried it out on a couple of areas. Absolutely amazed at what it can do with such a tiny amount of pressure – thankyou. The pressure regulating discs are brilliant – the smallest one is ample for what I need. Again thanks for such a brilliant product. I’ve looked at similar products but being Australian made (WOW!) makes the choice very simple indeed.

Glenny – Upwey VIC
I just want to tell you how delighted I am with my purchase of the Wobble-Tee. A friend from Tassie told me how wonderful the product is and I now totally agree. I am telling everyone how good it has been for my garden to use my tank water without a pump. Totally awesome product which saved my garden this summer. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

John  – Newcastle NSW
A note from a happy customer. I bought one of your Wobble-Tee Sprinklers initially, and now I have four. They are terrific product, and it is great to buy an Australian owned and made product. I have recommended them to others.

Angelika  – Macquarie ACT
After seeing an advertisement for the Wobble-Tee in my Organic Gardening magazine I visited your website and read all about this absolutely fabulous sprinkler, and was pleased to see that it was stocked by Bunnings. So off I went determined to find this little marvel. It was more than I was expecting to pay for a sprinkler but every dollar has been worth it. I have been selectively watering as our local water restrictions allow so that my established trees stay strong: there was no water run-off as all water was soaking into the earth, I barely had to turn the tap on and it watered even the smallest areas efficiently. All the sprinklers I have tried over the years in no way watered as efficiently as this little marvel. Thank you for a brilliant product and I will be buying another for myself and as gifts for friends who treasure their trees and gardens.

Steve – Dagun QLD
I have started using your Wobble-Tee sprinkler heads for overhead irrigation in our small market garden. It’s great to be able to buy an Australian product that is competitive with the offerings from overseas companies, which till recently have been very expensive. I now run all the irrigation (drip-tape and overhead) as a low pressure gravity fed system.

Tony – Lorna Glen WA
We are a nature conservation operation in the desert of central Western Australia. I purchased 2 Wobble-Tee sprinklers a few weeks ago to trial. We are remote and work with ground water and an overhead tank. I have always had problems with water pressure and quality due to the high calcium content and so it has been great to find a product which is Australian made and works in our environment. It may look a little strange to have pink sprinklers in the outback but it is for a good cause and has a good story to it. I will be looking forward to receiving the next 4 sprinklers, easy to use and they have a great coverage which saves time and effort.

Lucas – Melbourne VIC
I have finally brought a Wobble-Tee sprinkler and all I can say they are amazing. It really does put the competition to shame. Congratulations on an awesome product.

Laurel & Rob – Rhymney VIC
Thank you for filling our order so promptly. We look forward to receiving them before Christmas. We already have two of your sprinklers & they are so good we decided to get other family members some. We all live in high bush fire risk areas & our garden water supply is fed from dams. We have found the Wobble-Tees most affective in wetting down large areas around the house with or without our pressure pump going. We feel confident they would do the job should we be threatened by fire. Congratulations for your excellent service and your most efficient product. Keep up the good work.

Amy  – Brownlow Hill NSW
I love your product it is just amazing, for someone who has lived with bore water and now creek water for gardening when I found your product a number of years ago it was my saviour in the garden so thank you. The ability to now join these together makes it a great way to water the lawn in one go. You do have a great product I have recommended it to all my friends.

Robert – Boorawa NSW
I have been using the WOBBLE TEE SPRINKLERS for several years.  I bank 2 lots of 5 sprinklers, they water all of the front lawn at the same time which is quite a large area.  I use bore water and the sprinklers work on very little water pressure and save on the cost of running the pump.  The sprinklers’ droplets are water saving, as well as time and labour saving.  They are very sturdy as I have never replaced any parts in all the years that I have be using them……………… Very happy customer.

Kim  – Burnside SA
Thank you Kathy we have now received our sprinklers and have them working on our front lawn & our neighbour’s lawn as well. How amazing they are, we have attached 2 of them and we are amazed that we hardly have to turn the tap on!!! The other great thing about them is if you have 2 or 3 attached to a separate hose fitting (which we did) you don’t have to go out & change the sprinkler position, saving time etc. Well done, we are very pleased & thank you for the emails & speedy service, we will spread the word about these wonderful Wobble-Tee’s!!  Keep up the good work.

Wayne  – Lake Glenbawn  NSW
I have only recently found the benefits of your ‘Wobble-Tee’ sprinklers. I’ve tried numerous sprinklers over the last few years, but yours are definitely the most efficient for my circumstances. We have holiday cottages here at Lake Glenbawn (near Scone, Upper Hunter NSW) and in drought conditions, it is a constant battle to keep the grounds around the houses well watered – we are lucky enough to have a good water supply.

All components of the Wobble-Tee and Clever Drop Sprinklers are available separately online from Wobble-Tee.