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The best sprinkler you will ever own.

  • Large area low to medium pressure, waters up to 15m diameter, for smaller areas adjust at your tap.
  • No misting or run-off on low to medium pressure. If misting occurs, turn down the pressure at the tap.
  • Slow and even application at pressures from 15 to 40 psi (103 to 275 kPa). Will operate effectively from as low as 5 psi (35kPa).
  • Will operate from an overhead water tank, pump, gravity fed system, envirocycle systems, grey water, recycled water or town supply.
  • Made from high grade UV stabilised plastics for a long life in the sun.
  • Removable screened filter prevents debris blocking the sprinkler nozzle during operation, allowing use with dam, river or bore water. Easily removable for cleaning.
  • Add-On-Ability
  • Also comes in purple for recycled water.
  • Water Efficient, with an average flow rate of 10 litres per minute.
Wobble-Tee Water Efficient Sprinklers
Wobble-Tee Award Winning Sprinklers

Clever Drop


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If you like your Wobble-Tee you will love the Clever Drop.

  • Ideal for small lawn areas and gardens, with a watering diameter of up to 8 metres.
  • Consistent droplet size prevents misting and evaporation loss.
  • Low angle of trajectory reduces wind drift.
  • Slow application rate, just like slow soaking rain, preventing puddling and wasteful runoff.
  • Made from high grade UV stabilised plastics for a long life in the sun.
  • Internal filter to prevent debris blocking the sprinkler nozzle during operation, easily removed for cleaning.
  • Water Efficient, with an average flow rate of 4 litres per minute.
  • Purpose built base for roof cooling of work sheds and bird aviaries.
  • Adjustable base for uneven surfaces.
  • Pressure regulating discs for areas with high water pressures.
Clever Drop Sprinkler



A robust sprinkler better suited to agricultural situations and commercial irrigation.

  • Water is dispersed slowly and evenly at low to medium water pressure 14-29 psi (100-200kPa), with a precipitation rate of 4.5mm per hour. Operates as low as 4psi (25kPa).
  • The sprinkler base is made from high impact polypropylene and UV stabilised for a long life in the Australian sun.
  • The spinning sprinkler top is made from a robust flexible material allowing it to bounce back from hits and knocks.
  • No misting or run off on low to medium pressures.
  • Multiple sprinklers can be connected together to irrigate large areas, dependant on your water pressure and flow supply.
  • Removable filter prevents nozzle blockages.
  • Purpose made base with wheels for easy movability.
  • Supplied with 1 x 13mm and 1 x 19mm tap adaptor.

All components of the Wobble-Tee and Clever Drop Sprinklers are available separately online from Wobble-Tee.