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A robust sprinkler suited to agricultural and commercial irrigation.

Wobble-Tee RolaRain SprinklerHow is the RolaRain different from the Wobble-Tee?

The RolaRain Sprinkler concept was created to make a robust product more suited to the agricultural situations and commercial irrigation.

This new sprinklers performance is very similar to the successful Wobble-Tee Sprinkler, and the two types can be operated together on the same hose with no noticeable difference in the water application.

Getting Started

RolaRain Sprinklers are packaged and sent out unassembled which protects the components during transit. The instructions are quite simple for assembly, and putting the sprinkler together is a bit of fun for the kids and adults!

Pressure Gauged by Sight and Sound

The best operating pressure for even water distribution is 14psi (100kPa). It is hard to know what your pressure is, but it can be gauged by sight and sound with the RolaRain! If your pressure is too high the sprinkler will have misting close to the base and the droplets will be very fine, this is not ideal. By using your eyes turn the tap down until the misting goes away and larger droplets appear. Now using your ears, if the sprinkler top is making a swishing sound, turn the tap down until it is almost silent. This is approximately 14psi (100kPa) and at this pressure the RolaRain sprinkler is most efficient and delivers around 7 litres per minute, with a water diameter of 13 metres.

This sight and sound advantage will prove to be the best water saving feature of this sprinkler.

Why Wheels?

The wheels provide three distinct advantages. The sprinkler is easily seen by people and livestock. When the sprinkler is being pulled along by the hose or towed, the sprinkler base and hose connectors raise the body by 10mm which reduces wear to the sprinkler components and scuffing to the turf surface. Furthermore, if the sprinkler accidentally flips upside down during towing, the wheel height stops the sprinklers spinning top from hitting the ground.

Gel-Top XL Flexible Sprinkler Top

The spinning sprinkler top is made from a robust flexible material allowing it to bounce back from hits and knocks. This new Gel-Top XL flexible sprinkler top has exceptionally good water distribution at low pressures. The new Gel-Top XL sprinkler will also fit the Wobble-Tee Sprinkler base.

Add On Ability

The RolaRain base has made provision for additional hoses and sprinklers to be joined on, forming a train which can be pulled along or towed. 13mm and 18mm snap-on tap adaptors are provided with each sprinkler for those using larger 19mm hoses with more flow. This allows more RolaRain sprinklers to operate from one tap, depending on you water pressure and flow.

RolaRain Sprinklers should be spaced about 9m apart if you have around 14-29psi (100-200kPa). Each sprinkler should be allowed a flow rate of 10 litres per minute, E.g. Four sprinklers on 19mm hose will require 40 litres per minute with pressure of at least 29psi (200kPa). Individual situations may vary from this guideline.

What makes this sprinkler so efficient?

The RolaRain sprinkler at approximately 14psi (100kPa) delivers around 7 litres per minute watering a diameter of 13 metres. The precipitation rate is 4.5mm per hour so lawns should be watered for a minimum of 2.5 hours, which is equivalent to half an inch of rain. The RolaRain delivers the water in droplets without misting, this reduces wind drift and evaporation loss and the slow application rate minimising the chance of puddling or wasteful run off.

The best results for watering are achieved by soaking your lawn area about once a week before watering again. This encourages the grass roots to chase down after the moisture, before watering is required again. Ever area and soil type is different so adjust this practice to suit your circumstances.


All components of the Wobble-Tee and Clever Drop Sprinklers are available separately online from Wobble-Tee.